15 farewell gift ideas for your Hotel General Manager

When your General Manager is leaving, you want to thank for the guidance and the great opportunity to learn from his / her experience. You can show the appreciation by gifting a very expensive pen, or, equally impress him with your creativity on a lower budget.

Below is the list of the ideas for the farewell gifts.

  • Video
    • Include hotel surroundings, rooms, restaurants, video episodes from the past team events and wishes from the team. Sprinkle some humor and add romantic music. It will instantly become a Facebook hit for you and your GM.
  • A framed image of the team.
    • In front of the Hotel or in the lobby; on the stage or in the cafeteria; serious or wacky – it does not matter. What matters is the moment captured in history, an opportunity for your GM to look back and be proud of the team he / she managed.
  • A t-shirt with an image of the team.
    • The image will look sharper if it includes less than 10 faces. Select a t-shirt of a lighter shade (white, yellow, gray) and ask everyone in the image to sign the t-shirt with a permanent marker.
  • A framed image of the Hotel
  • Puzzle with the image of the Hotel
  • A Hotel beach towel.
    • Warning: check with HR how to proceed. Do not steal.
  • A life supply of the Hotel amenities: shampoo, conditioner, soap, body lotion.
    • Warning: check with HR how to proceed. Do not steal.
  • Create a collage poster with the images of the General Manager participating in the team events. Add some creativity to make a comics story.
  • Personalised dining set from the Hotel - a tea cup, plate and a set of cutlery, used by GM frequently.
    • Warning: check with HR how to proceed. Do not steal.
  • Personalised computer mouse pad
  • A complimentary night in the Hotel, including a delicious breakfast and massage.
  • Local delicacies.
    • If the General Manager is leaving the city / country, include the local delicacies in the farewell gift
  • Travel bag, decorated with the personalized stickers.
    • Include the Hotel logo, the address, the landmarks around the Hotel, the team pictures and some of the phrases which your General Manager loves to say.
  • Handmade Thank you Card.
  • Calendar for the next year, with the team images.


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