How to write a Hotel job description

The job description defines the main responsibilities of a position. Every employee signs it before starting the job and the document is used in any disputes related to noncompliance with the job role.

Therefore, it is important that:

  • every position in a Hotel has its job description
  • the job description is reviewed and updated regularly
  • the job description represents a true job scope

There are several important components of any job description:

  • Template

Check if your company has an existing template. If not, create your own, using the structure below.

  • Structure

Any job description must include these sections:

  • Job details: job title, reporting line, department
  • Job purpose: a quick summary of the key responsibilities
  • Key responsibilities: a list of the main tasks
  • Required skills: requirements for candidate’s skills
  • Personal profile: requirements for candidate’s personal profile
  • Experience: requirements for a candidate’s experience
  • KPI: a summary of the job's targets 
  • Approvals: section for employee’s acknowledgement, department’s head and HR
  • Review date: date stamp when the document was reviewed last


    • Content

    Use concise language.

    Aim at writing the overview of the responsibilities, do not be very detailed and specific. For example, in a job description of a Telephone Operator, you should write “Answer all internal and external calls” instead of “Answer all internal and external calls, received on the main hotel telephone line 1 234 5678989”.

    Avoid duplication of the same responsibility.

    Use bullet points to separate each responsibility.

    Sequence the responsibilities in a logical order. Start with the main tasks, move to the less important tasks.

    Group similar responsibilities in one section, e.g. Operational, Financial, Training & Quality, etc.

    •  Other tasks

    Include the section, protecting you as an employer in a situation when you need to delegate a task, which is not specified in the job description.

    “While this job description is intended to be an accurate reflection of the duties involved with this position, the company reserves the right to add, remove or alter duties when business need dictates.”

    •  Brand standards

    Include the expectations for knowing and following the brand standards.


    Writing a comprehensive job description is a time-consuming task.

    To help you save time, we have created a digital library of the up-to-date Hotel job descriptions.

    We reviewed hundreds of job descriptions and created the perfect documents, covering all responsibilities of the Hotel positions.

    Our job descriptions are fully editable, free of any branding and watermarks.


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